The one drawback to Mother’s Day is that it gives some people the idea that you only need to be thanked, rewarded, and otherwise showered with praise one day a year. Beg to differ. We (I) need all the gratuitous "good job" and "you’re pretty" type accolades we (I) can get. Mom of three Amy Barbo agreed. So much so that she created the ultra ingenious Mama Merit Badges, eleven handy little patches rewarding moms for everything from traveling with the brood to saying sayonara to diapers forever, to making it through your baby’s first shots without breaking down in hysterics.
Okay, just making it through your baby’s first shots, period.

Iron them on your diaper bag or stroller, or gift them to your favorite mama who just needs a little recognition for a tough job well done. My favorite: The big ol’ naked boob to commemorate breastfeeding. If only it were actual size, so the world could really see how you earned that patch. –Liz
Congrats to Wendy K who won her own set of Mama Merit Badges


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