I am all for spending a little more on an article of kid’s clothing if it’s gorgeous, well made, good for multiple uses, and particularly if it’s supporting a small business. And now that I have a second daughter, I’ve got a new trick: Just look at any price and divide it in half – 50% for each child. Isn’t justification wonderful?
All these criteria lead me right to Mamma Made Designs, a label we are beyond thrilled (Thrilled! Thrilled) to have discovered. They offer absolutely amazing handmade kid’s clothes with a unique sensibility; check their brand new Fall line and you’ll find must-haves like the corduroy spider jumper shown here (also available in pink/red). And holy cow, you should see the detailing on the double breasted brown inside coat, including floral fabric-covered buttons to match the lining. Let’s just say my daughter will be living this jacket this fall. And eventually…her sister.
By the way, the four creative visionaries behind Mamma Made literally rock – by night they’re the women of indie band The Danielson Famile. Even the Dixie Chicks can’t compete with that kind of talent. –LizCongrats to Jennifer C who won her own spider jumper


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