I often dream about eating sandwiches. I’m not sure what’s up with that, but no matter what else is happening, sandwiches keep showing up…kind of like Charro on The Love Boat.
So if I were a designer, I would create excellent dolls that looked like turkey on rye. But thank goodness designer Esther Schuivens is Esther Schuivens, and her line of fabulous Esthex softies are inspired by a non-sandwich cast of characters from her own childhood dreams and drawings. These simple, geometric pals from the dreamy past make up the Netherlands artist’s line of simple, soft and sometimes strange dolls and toys, featured at Twig. The collection features land of nod stars like Molly, Naomi (shown here), and Tough Guy Storm made of soft fleece, cotton and felt. So they’re collectible by day, huggable by night.
If only the subjects of my dreams were that sweet, and cool…and non-perishable. –Laura
Save 10% at Twig on your purchase with code CMP_10. And check out the specials for some serious sales right now.
Congrats to Marlene M who won her own Esthex doll from Twig.


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