Moms seem to fall into two categories: Those who never finished their baby books, and those who are like, "what baby book?" At this point, I’m falling into both categories, one for each child. Mea culpa!
At last there is a totally viable shower gift alternative-slash-guilt alleviation product in the Tiny Tales system. Although really, "system" makes it sound more intimidating than it actually is.
What mom Lara Frankovitch has done is created a set of nicely designed index cards (not too cutesie, I promise) with prompts for the milestones that mean something to you. File the first time she puked on you as you walked out the door under 0-3 months, and the first time she flirted with your boss under the 6-9 month tab. Before you know it you have a whole box o’ memories that you might otherwise have forgotten.
As far as I’m concerned, you can toss in the scribbled notes on the backs of grocery receipts right along with the pretty cards. Then eventually you can transfer it all to a baby book…or just tell yourself that you will. –Liz
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Congrats to Susie M who won her very own set of Tiny Tales cards.