One of the first things I noticed about my amazing newborn daughter (aside from her obvious beauty and superior intellect) was that she would jerk herself awake throughout the night. And really, what’s more frustrating than watching all of your hard putting-the-baby-to-sleep-work go to waste? Then I received a set of Soothing Blankets from Luna Lullaby.
These swaddling blankets are of generous proportion and made of incredibly soft, stretchy and breathable muslin so my girl seemed both snug and comfortable. They’re light enough to double as a nursing cover or stroller shade, and you can toss them right in the wash (key!) at the end of the day. And the patterns are more funky than dorky, even when the set includes icons like rabbits or monkeys. Plus, you don’t need a Master’s Degree in Origami to do the swaddling—the set of Soothing Blankets comes with a DVD to help you get the hang of swaddling.
Trust me when I tell you that my baby looks even cuter when she’s sleeping. –Tina


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