While your kids are young and impressionable, this is the time to expose them to how much fun art can be. It’s also the time you can teach them that farts are funny, but that’s another story for another time.
Artassaince is an ideal way to begin exploring the world of art with your children. The site allows you to search for art–real art, not posters–by interest, color scheme, room type, decor style, or by one of the 80+ artists represented. The kids’ art category, which is broader than you’d expect, certainly opened my eyes to options I might not have considered.
I was especially taken with the selection of Kate Endle prints (Dandelion shown here), and my younger daughter adores the new Doggies canvas that adorns her wall. So much so, I know she won’t insist that it come down anytime soon. Even when the pop star poster phase hits. –Julie
Congrats to Karin F who won her own print.


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