If you accidentally spent all your money on that fantastic-gotta-have-it bedding, your poor little baby might be left to stare at boring blank walls. And as we all know, that’s just not good for brain development and preverbal aptitude tests, now is it.
Whatever you spent on the rest of the nursery, we’ve tracked down some charming original art at affordable prices thanks to artist Jennifer Tam from past CMP pick, Turtle Papers. She’s created limited edition "Mommy and Me Under a Tree" Original Gocco Serigraph Prints that could suit nearly any girl’s room decor from midcentury to modern to traditional pink, pink, and more pink.
The price? $10 a pop. No kidding.
Put the rest into that Harvard fund. -Kristen
Act fast. These are Limited Edition of 20!
Just mention Cool Mom Picks at checkout and you’ll get free shipping!


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