I’ve tried all sorts of tricks to convince my girls that monsters do not inhabit their rooms. I even resorted to logic at one point, to no avail. Silly me for even trying such a longshot.
By far, the best method I’ve found to get a good night’s sleep is a few squirts of Boo Be Gone, a lavender-scented "anti-monster spray." Genius, right?
My kids’ bedrooms now smell delicious, and, hooray, they stay in bed. I can’t help wondering why a spray holds greater credibility with them than the wisdom of their own mother, but I won’t let that keep me up at night (especially now that they’re not doing it).
The spray comes courtesy of Flower Peddler, a small family-run bath and beauty shop that has more fun with all-natural products than anyone we’ve come across. Flower Peddler clearly gets what appeals to babies, children and their picky parents so poke around the site and find something for your brood. Even the ones who have moved beyond the boogeyman. –Julie
Congrats Katie K. Winner of some fantastic products from Flower Peddler.


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