In theory, I appreciate the heroic intentions of the diaper clutch — saving moms everywhere from gigantic diaper bags. But let’s face it, they’re not made for quick access, nor do they provide you for much space for your own personal items.
An innovative Zoom Kit from Loom gives you easy access to essentials in one clever bag. At first glance it looks like a sleek tote, but inside you’ll find room for diapers, wipes, you name it. On the outside you’ll find a spot for your ID, keys, and a smart "O" hole that holds a bottle perfectly.
That’s milk. Not Chardonnay.That clear round handle on top isn’t just for show; open, it hooks it onto the back of your car seat or even airline seat so you’ve got easy access and a little more leg room. Plus you get to sing the Zoom theme song in your head the whole time. Fun! -Kristen
Congrats Dawn G. Winner of her own Zoom bag.


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