Stop the bling!
Seriously…stop the bling.
If you want to commemorate your child’s birth with jewelry that doesn’t look "soooo 2007" in the years to come, allow us to point you towards the photo keepsake jewelry from LA-area designer Patricia Hoppes of Patricia Carolyn Designs.
I love the A Baby’s Love bracelet which incorporates a teeny little framed photo along with four other traditional charms on a very substantial sterling chain. It mimics ones I’m seeing in trendy Soho boutiques for a whole lot more money.
The photos are very carefully sealed into the charm, so this isn’t like some flimsy thing where the photo will pop out after one wearing. And in fact all her designs is made with the same beautiful attention to detail. (if you want something super affordable, check out the handstamped sterling initial necklace.)You can even add more photos to the bracelet as more kids come along so that they won’t spend Thanksgiving dinner in ten years fighting about whose birth warranted the better keepsake. Did I just reveal too much? –Liz
Congrats to reader Jenn W who won her own, lucky gal.


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