I’m not a lover of the nightly toy excavation, inventory and restocking of blocks, trucks and primary-colored plastic items. Of course because apples don’t fall far from trees, my son isn’t all that fond of it either. I’m thinking if we had a cool knickknack receptacle like the ones at Via Toy Box, then we’d actually look forward to the tidying up.

The Portland parent-run company has made clean up cool again with their modular storage sets, benches and boxes. Pick your own shapes and colors (hot new shades include lime and chocolate) and get exactly the look you want.

I’m especially digging the Hollywood configuration but with my less than Hollywood salary, I’d also consider just a single Via Box or two. Either way, making the dreaded toy clean up bearable–and dare I say attractive?–well, that’s priceless. – Laura

Don’t miss their summer sale, going on now.

Congrats to reader Lura C, proud new owner of her own Via Box.