Perhaps you bought a few items (before discovering Cool Mom Picks of course) and realize now that you don’t want them. Here are a few solutions to minimizes your carbon footprint, as the kids say today.Zwaggle is a brand new site especially for momstuff-swapping. It’s a very cool cash-free world where you can donate your old exersaucers and strollers in exchange for the stuff you’d rather have today. While there’s not an enormous selection just yet, we hear the landfills are giving Zwaggle two thumbs up.
Another resource is Swaptree which helps you trade books, cds, dvds and games for ones you’d rather have. You just list what you’ve got, list what you want instead, and they’ll do the matchmaking for you. The cost? Nada. Only the hit your ego takes when you admit publicly that you have the entire Danielle Steele library in hardcover.
Now go get rid of some stuff. You know you need to make room for Harry Potter VII. –Liz
[thanks, kristen]


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