The trouble with baby art is that it’s generally not for the baby. Sorry kiddos, we love you, but you have hopelessly pathetic eyesight. Mom-and-pop company Wee Gallery has the market cornered when it comes to blending infants’ ocular capabilities with great style. We’ve been fans of their whimsical flashcards and wall graphics for a while now, so of course we’re excited to introduce you to their brand new line of wrapped canvases.

Each set features Wee Gallery’s trademark black and white animal illustrations, only now on rich, vibrant backgrounds. This way the designs appeal to your kid from the early weeks, but when he’s ready to take the plunge into color, he won’t have outgrown his nursery art. Too smart.
The only thing smarter is the price – just $60 for each set of three. –Liz
Congrats to winner Susan S who now has one less blank wall in her home.