I am guilty of committing gross cruelty to sunglasses. I stick them on my head when they’re not in use, I dump them in my bag without a case, I leave them on the coffee table where my daughter can paw at them with sticky hands. Hardly the way to treat the Chanels. (Shut up, they were a gift.) But now I’ve found a few better ideas:
The Eyecatchers collection of necklaces (shown here) from accomplished New England jewelry artist, Micki Whelan are both cool and smart. Featuring a hand-cast sterling, gold vermeil, or pewter pendant on a slightly stretchy cord, they look like your favorite simple go-to necklace that matches everything you own. But functionally, they’re the perfect spots from which to dangle the specs. Especially starting at just $32. Another option is La Loop which makes use of trendy beads and semi-precious stones. They start at $85 for sterling on a silk cord and go to something ridiculous like $600 for 14k gold, for those very very serious about their eyewear-holders-slash-bling. –Liz
Congrats to Eyecatchers winners Jennifer M, Nancy N and Brooke P


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