Moms are well aware that the cute burp cloths we all get for shower gifts are rarely in reach the moment we need them. My own little spitter-upper has been wiped clean at various times by her clothes, my clothes, dirty napkins, her play mat (I know, I know) my arm, and of course, dish towels. Mostly dish towels.
Portland mom Robin Carlisle figured out that hey, dish towels were pretty great as burp cloths as long as they were soft and stylish and yes, actually on the child at the time of the milk-spewing incident. And so she created The Spitty, also known as the baby puke poncho, which is exactly what it is. In fact it looks more South-of-the-Border than Next-to-the-Sink, especially in red or green.
You’ll find it at Mothermade, a shop featuring very cool and inventive items and artwork exclusively made by moms–and not one personalized picture frame with curlie-q letters to be found. That’s our kinda site. -Liz
Congrats to winners Kristie A and Kim D.


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