Remember the good old days of driving cross-country with your parents, sprawled out across the back seat of the station wagon? Seat belts–please. Who used seat belts? While I’m actually quite glad to be breeding in the day and age of kid’s safety equipment, I’m a little skeptical about those flimsy booster seats that can easily shift around. So I was thrilled to find the great looking new clek backless boosters that actually attach to the vehicle using the LATCH system.
The seat is extremely well-cushioned and eliminates "numb-bum", as clek’s manufacturer calls it. Plus it clicks into place securely and easily, then actually stays in place, no matter how wiggly its pint-sized passenger might be. And while safety should be our only concern, let’s face it, we like our gear too look nice too. The cleck booster comes in four swanky solids, along with prints like cammo and leopard.Those good old days of mom’s hand as seat belt are over. Now I’m doubly convinced that’s not a bad thing. –Julie


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