We love Alpha Mom and we’re not afraid to shout it from the rooftops. Owner/mom Isabel Kallman has created a smart, informative website featuring columns from the best bloggers in town, along with extremely helpful videos, a great baby name guide, and other helpful resources for parents.
Lest you think you have to be some hyper-aerobicized, eight nanny-employing psycho parent to go there, let’s just say you shouldn’t believe everything you see on the Today Show. In fact, you just might catch your favorite shopping blog editors making an Alpha Mom video appearance in the very near future (hint, hint).
Recently, Alpha Mom launched a populist product rating section in which you, opinionated parent that you are, can throw your two cents into the ring on all the baby products, gear and books out there. Read what other parents are saying in the heated What to Expect debate. Or weigh in yourself on the Bugaboo vs. MacLaren smackdown. You know you want to.
Need more incentive? You could potentially win $1000, all just for rating 25 products. 1000 bucks! Ragging on that stupid wipes warmer that you never used once never felt quite so cathartic. –Liz

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