I am definitely no domestic goddess, so when I’m in the kitchen, I need both eyes on what I’m doing. Now stick my daughter in there with me, standing precariously on a kitchen chair so she can "help" and neither she nor my lasagna are entirely safe. That’s why I’m coveting the Learning Tower from Little Partners. It’s a fantastic wooden contraption designed to allow your kiddos (18 months+) to participate in the kitchen activities. It adjusts to your kids’ ever changing height, cleaning is a cinch–no need to add extra work to your load.
I was sort of surprised that it’s $165, but when I realize that it’s a super versatile piece of furniture that converts to a desk, a fort, and even a puppet theater, I thought yeah. I could justify that.
Now all I need to do is invest in cooking school. For my toddler, that is. I’m happy to let her take over for me just as soon as possible. -Kristen
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