Having recently addressed far too many baby announcements, it’s a little disconcerting to think of the percentage that will end in the trash soon after delivery. Not just because of the cost to me, but the cost to the environment. I think like 36 trees must have given their lives so my grandmother could show off the baby to her friends.
So how great are the eco announcements from Fine Moments? They’re all printed on 100% recycled fibers; the envelopes too. Plus the designs are not an afterthought – they’re stylish and modern and refreshingly simple and free of curlie-cues. Definitely not the same old-same old. Just the thing you’ve been looking for, right?I always knew green was a good color for babies. –Liz[via goodyblog]
CMP readers: Enter code "coolmompicks" through the end of 2007 for 15% off your orders


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