Scoring a fantastic, trustworthybabysittercan be like searching for the holy grail. It’s hugely time consuming to call for references, conduct background checks and beg all your friends for personal recommendations, to say nothing of making sure you’ve hidden all the toys under the couch for the interview (ahem). Get this: Mary Sullivan Cooper, founder of MommyMixer, it’s making this process wayyyyyy easier. Her idea of a "speed dating" method of matching college student babysitters and with moms is not only brilliant, it’s turned into a widely acclaimed national service.
You’re in luck if you live in one of 18 cities that host the mixers–for a $100 fee you get to meet a huge pool of eligible candidates live and in person, along with a carefully compiled notebook that includes each of their resumes and schedules. Plus? An afternoon away from the kids.

May it be the first of many. -Kristen


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