Ever since I learned about my niece’s egg allergy, I’ve been on the lookout for helpful products and services to help her mama out. It’s hard enough to track down a decent egg-free birthday cake, let alone worrying about what’s in every playdate snack.
The allergy cards from Canadian stationers Jonesy are an interesting option for kids with severe allergies. These custom cards feature your child’s name, the foods in question, contact numbers and instructions in case of emergency. I can’t quite imagine actually handing the restaurant cards to a waiter and saying, "here, give this to the chef." But the playdate cards, might be smart to handout to teachers, or parents and sitters of your kiddo’s friends.
I’m a little stressed just writing about the topic. But then I suppose, that’s the point of the cards – so that you won’t have to be. Phew. –Liz
Mention Cool Mom Picks for 15% off any custom orders at Jonesy through the end of September.


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