So you’re enjoying your Labor Day weekend, perhaps planning a little backyard barbecue or a day at the local pool…and now here comes Cool Mom Picks to burst your bubble.
Maybe if you just worked a teeeeeny bit more or stopped taking those damn weekends off for family time you could afford this: The Roddler stroller from Kid Kustoms starting at $2500. That’s not a typo.
This entirely custom stroller let’s you choose such fancy, Vegan-nonfriendly leather choices as ostrich, alligator and stingray (!!). So what else do you get for your money? Oh, a little thing called a motorized drivetrain. Plus custom rims and tires, a DVD entertainment system, iPod dock, Bluetooth speakers, and a computerlzed display to get it all working. As my sigOth said, "It’s perfect if you’re going to push the kid across country in it."
For those of you who can actually consider buying the Roddler–and live in a neighborhood where you won’t be jumped for it–more power to you. Also, could I borrow like a thousand bucks? Thanks.
For the rest of you – enjoy your holiday. –Liz

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