“We’re all for girl superheroes!” responded my co-editor, Kristen, when I forwarded her the url for the new animated series, Word Girl. My response: “Totally!”

This brand new superhero “with the colossal vocabulary” goes up against villains like Dr. Two Brains and Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy starting tomorrow on PBS KIDS GO. Fans of Best Week Ever might recognize the voice of Dannah Feinglass as Word Girl, and she’s accompanied by the likes of Jeffrey Tambour and Chris Parnell.

6-8 year olds will dig the humor, but my two year-old likes her sidekick, monkey Captain Huggyface. As for you older people, you’ll be happy there’s an accompanying online dictionary to refer to for the words your kids will grow to love. And use.Our only hope is that boys watch the show too. Even if Word Girl’s colossal vocabulary doesn’t seem to include “fart.” –Liz


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