For all the snickers I get from my friends for owning and proudly using a shopping cart cover, I am finally coming out to say shut up! I love it.
There. I said it.
It’s not only because I’m afraid to know what creeps and crawls on the handle of the nasty shopping carts, but because it makes the seat more comfortable for my infant son who’s still a bit wobbly in there.
Even so, I haven’t been crazy about the designs of most covers I’ve seen around. And then I found two great options. First, there are the super nice covers from The Polkadot Platypus, from foofoo blue toile, to the skulls shown here. Designed tofit shopping carts (even the huge ones) as well as restaurant high chairs, they’ve got nylon straps and buckles built right in.
Another option comes from Saari Designs. While they don’t come with their own straps (just holes to make use of the existing straps on the cart), there’s a custom option with fabrics cool enough to get those naysayers jumping on the germaphobe bandwagon too.
Now if they only sold skull-covered protective bubbles. -Kristen
Congrats to Hyon-hee G, new owner of a custom cover from Saari Designs


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