I finally came to grips withhavingto carry a diaper bag for the next year, if not more. So instead of pining after the hot leather bags for Fall that you don’t want anywhere near a leaky bottle, I found one that’s actually made for carrying them.
CMP fave Baby Kaed has done it again, thistime with her b-kaed leather collection including the way swanky Jaipur shown here. The features: Oh, where to start. Pebble grain leather, antiqued brass studs, fantastic colors, plus pockets and accessories galore like a leather cosmetic case and drawstring bag for, um…accidents.
This is truly asophisticated bag, regardless of the Aquaphor and Desitin clanking around in there. And while the price is pretty much equivalent to a pair of Jimmy Choos, at least you can pair them together and not look all "mom."
Besides, if you’re like me with bags stacked up in your closet waiting until you retire the diaperbag, I say you’re better off with one well-used gorgeous expensive bag today than a whole bunch of old dusty, out-of-style ones tomorrow.-Kristen
Congrats to the very very lucky Arynne R who won her very own Jaipur collection bag from Baby Kaed.

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