I spent way too long picking the perfect picture for my son’s birth announcement and while I’d like to think my friends and family framed it for all eternity, it probably only lasted a few weeks until it was tossed.
Now think about how much harder it would be for someone to throw away your baby’s picture on a bookmark. Or a refrigerator magnet. Clever custom stationer Ringo Baby makes both. We particularly love the bookmark announcements as a stylish and smart alternative to the (yawn) traditional birth announcement. It’s especially fun if you’re known as a book lover or...librarian? And don’t worry, her designs are tasteful and beautiful. This is not one of those cases where form follows function. Theseannouncements might also up the baby gift quota. Imagine, every time your dad’s second cousin in Charleston picks up that hardcover spy thriller, she’ll be reminded that she hasn’t gotten that layette out to you yet. -Kristen
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