Longtime readers may notice that we never feature $80 toddler jeans on Cool Mom Picks. Why? First of all, they’re stupid. But also, we’ve found you can get just as much coolness cred with a pair of $12 toddler jeans, if you pair it with something unique and artful.
This is why I’m digging the the handmade tees and onesies from the Philly-based mom/pop team of 1girl1boy. Each soft cotton shirt is hand-dyed then block printed, and finally appliquéd with kid-friendly ultrasuede creatures. I love this cozy owl shirt for Fall, and the grasshopper is a refreshingly underused critter on kids tees. When your kids sport killer tops like these, you’d feel doubly silly putting them in overpriced pants. I mean, who’s going to look at their pants anyway? –Liz
Check out the current BTS sale – 2 tees or more are just $30 each.


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