There is certainly more frivolous girlie-girl, princessy, pink, ridiculous kidswear out there than you know. And actually, you don’t want to know: Marabou trimmed baby onesies, blinged out baby shoe soles (soles!), and headbands with flowers four times the size of the kid’s own head. To say "it’s not our style" is an understatement.
So honestly when I clicked over to a site called My Princess Closet I was a bit apprehensive. But then I saw contemporary pieces from CMP faves like Morgan & Milo shoes, Pink Chicken, and Baby Legs and stood corrected. However it was the "Fancy Pants" that truly did me in.
I’ve yet to find a more frivolous baby accessory that is just so totally awesome–These soft cord bloomers are monogrammed with your daughter’s initial so that no one will ever mistake her bum for some other, less well-accessorized kid’s.
The pink is sweet and kitchy, but if you feel daring go for the black. Oooh. –Liz
CMP readers: Get free monogramming–normally a $10 surcharge–with code COOLMOM


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