As I sit here, gazing at my four month-old as she sucks the end of a silver rattle, I know I’m doing the right thing in limiting the mass-produced plastic garbage that enters our house. And enters her hands. And thus, enters her mouth.
My latest focus: Dolls.
CMP favorite shop Natural Pod has a great selection of beautiful, natural dolls that kids of all ages will fall for. They’re mostly in the very reasonable $12-$35 range, including the sweet organic blanket dolls (the white terry is beyond cute) and the wool Pouchy Dolls (they’re not all Caucasian!).
But my favorite of all has to be the totally handcrafted 17" Bamboletta doll which is made so thoughtfully and with so much care, you will salivate just reading the description. You can even customize her in clothing and colors of your choice.
Will a young child love a doll any less because it doesn’t have its own animated series? Absolutely not. Or at least that’s what I’m banking on. –Liz
you can also find Bamboletta dolls directly from