I’m fickle when it comes to selecting a lunch box for my kids — just ask my husband how many I’ve bought, used for a week or so, and abandoned.
The great new lunch totes from Lunchopolis fit all the criteria on my mile-long list. Designed by two moms looking to reduce all those plastic baggies and squashed juice boxes in our landfills, these colorful coated cotton boxes take a cue from Japanese bento boxes and keep food and drinks organized in stackable plastic containers meant to be washed and reused. In case of a chocolate pudding spillage event, the tote cleans up in a jiffy too. And I really like that Lunchopolis rigorously tests their materials so my girls won’t be ingesting any unhealthy stuff besides the occasional fudge brownie.
Seeing as how I’m not the only picky one in the lunch bag department, it doesn’t hurt that Lunchopolis includes a pink polkadot tote among their three styles. Move over, Lil’ Bratz and Dora: there’s a new mealtime contender in town.
Ed note: Because the containers are made with polycarbonate plastic which is the source of some controversy when heated, it’s CMP’s recommendation that these items be handwashed and never heated in a microwave.
Congrats to winner Cassey C


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