I am just not one of those parents who believes that every moment in a child’s day must be devoted to flashcards, language drilling and hardcore mind shaping. Sometimes kids just need to kick back and chill out around some fun cartoons.In other words, mommy likes her showers.So the other morning, cartoon time was spent reviewing episodes of the very charming Peppa Pig. Cartoon time evolved to All Morning Long as my daughter repeatedly asked for "More pig show!"
The new DVD, Peppa Pig: Muddy Puddles features ten episodes of the British series. The simple, engaging story lines and short form (maybe five minutes each?) play like a children’s story book brought to life: George has a dinosaur. His name is Mr. Dinosaur. George likes Mr. Dinosaur… So it will keep the attention of younger children.
At first I was worried that British accents might be a bit tough for my two year-old, but she played back every word– something she can’t always do with the fast-talking American series. Maybe I’m just a sucker for a British accent (and the fact that the narrator sounds a little like Michael Caine) but I think Peppa has bridged that often cavernous gap between what kids love and what parents can stand. –Liz


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