Leave it to a company named Least Likely 2 Breed to come up with a clever solution for diaper rash. Hilarious mom/founder Leigh Stevens’ travel tin of Bad Ass Booty Balm has become a permanent fixture in my diaper bag. And not just because it’s fun to pull it out in public and wave it around.
For $5.99, you get a diaper rash treatment that actually comes off your hands unlike those stinky, goopy diaper rash creams that never seem to, so it’s great on the go. And it’s chock full of natural ingredients, except those lavender and tea tree oils that have recently been linked to early puberty and breast tissue growth in boys. Seriously, the last thing I need is early puberty in my house.
While you’re at it, you nursing mamas should grab a tin of her Tough Titties Nipple Rub ("Love bites. Deal with it.") and all new mamas should consider the Mother Effers Va-J-J Jelly. Not only do the products all work as promised, they’ll make you laugh. Now that’s a combo. -Kristen
[Thanks Heather]
Congrats to winner Veronica A who apparently likes smooth butts too.


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