I willingly admit I’m a tooth fairy pillow hatah. I hate them. Haaaate them. I think they’re stupid and sentimental, and good God, what is wrong with sneaking in and slipping the stupid quarter under your kid’s pillow like our parents did for us anyway?
Am I being too harsh?
Well I wouldn’t have believed it but I’ve actually found ones that make me reconsider my position. The limited edition tooth fairy pillows at Gama-Go are made from hip, recycled Gama-Go kids tees. Not one depicts some glittery cartoon tooth wearing a pink tutu, and the fact is, they’d look great in a kid’s room whether or not they had the pocket on the back.Okay, so they’re $40. Just a drop in the bucket when you figure you’ve got as many as twenty teeth to pony up for in your future. –Liz
[via apartment therapy:nursery]


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