If you’re a die-hard Robeez fan (me! me!) then I bet you’ve collected every flower, cat, and train design they offer. But if you’ve admired the function and fit of the shoes while waiting for some alternative designs, then stop tapping your foot and grab your wallet.
Robeez Rocks is the new hot line of funky shoes launching today –you heard it here first. The new designs have all the coolness you’ve been pining for with motifs like guitars and bulldogs and mom tattoos, plus the construction and comfort that’s made Robeez beloved since the day it began as a small, mom-run company. There are even punky pink styles, for the girlie rock star-to-be in your life.
If you want something softer core than flaming guitars feel free to stick with the flowers, cats and trains. But you know where we stand. -Kristen
Congrats to new Robeez winners Erinn W, Jen N, Shannon O, Rachael F, Heather H, and Sherri G!


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