Is it me or are there an inordinate number of dolls out there with oddly sultry, sexy, or just plain vacant looks on their faces? When my daughter takes the time to arrange her stuffed friends around the table for a tea party, I want those friends smiling back at her, dammit.
So I fell in love with the sweet handmade dolls from renown Israel dollmaker Galia Chai, at CMP favorite shop The Silly Wagon.They’re basic and charming, like the ones I might have owned myself in the 70s before dolls started wearing glitter eyeshadow.
The elephant is to die for, and the boy and girl dolls are amply sized for romping around with an older toddler. (If you’ve got a younger child, consider the smaller baby dolls in their own little swaddlers.) Their hand-stitched clothes–pick winter or summer outfits–come off for laundry day, and the dolls’ embroidered faces are nothing but sunshine. The prices, by the way, are amazing considering the work that goes into these. Get a couple. Life’s too short for surly playmates. –Liz
Discount code cmp15 gets you 15% off anything in the store! (Sale items excluded, but they’re already on sale, right?)