I must confess that without television, I wouldn’t get to shower as often as I do. Or use the bathroom alone. Or check my email. But know this: I am very picky about what shows I play on continuous loop.

So let me introduce you to our new friend Maggie, a welcome change from the beloved but very played out Dora. If Maggie looks familiar, it’s because she’s a regular on everyone’s favorite preschool channel Noggin. And while we hadn’t caught her in our daily line up before, it didn’t take long for us to add her right into the mix. She, along with her stuffed animal friend the Ferocious Beast, tackle all sorts of adventures using plain old smarts and imagination. No map or singing backpack to be found!

These two newly released DVDs, including our favorite "Trick or Treat," will allow you to get a few things done around the house without guilt. Or better, those annoying songs stuck in your head. -Kristen

WIN IT! Five lucky readers will win the two most recent Maggie and the Ferocious Beast DVDs each Just send an email to contests@coolmompicks.com with "MAGGIE" in the subject by midnight tonight with the correct answer to the following question: What’s the name of Maggie’s pig? We’ll pick FIVE winners at random.


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