There’s more to the color spectrum than pink and purple, but try telling that to a little girl. I’ve found they often need a little encouragement from fashion-forward parents in order to break away from those girly-girl trends–only to find out they can in fact be happy in, say, brown.

Girls will stand out in the sea of pastels in these new, one-of-a-kind bias skirts from NYC designer Louise Hedley. Olive corduroy with feminine embellishments are perfect for those who are reluctant to abandon pink entirely. And for those who can’t wait for their first pair of Doc Martens, there’s camouflage. All just $30. No kidding.

Don’t miss the rest of her children’s line, including beautiful and affordable playdresses (check out the chocolate/red Coco) inspired by a childhood spent in England.

Sure, little girls might pair these unique pieces with pink princess tiaras and light-up sneakers. At least you’ll have won half the battle. -Julie


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