Now that my son is a full-fledged food eater, I’m on the prowl for something other than that jarred food that I swear all tastes exactly the same — gross. And while I know many savvy mamas out there choose to whip up their own meals, that’s not one of my skills.

So I’m relying on my new favorite find Yummy Spoonfuls, an Atlanta based mom-owned business. They create 100% organic baby food that’s free of everything bad and full of everything good, including taste. They offer three texture levels — creamy, mushy, and chunky — all of which actually taste like the vegetable and fruit that’s printed on the label. Imagine that.

If you’re lucky to live within the Atlanta-Metro area, they’ll deliver for free (FREE!) or you can pick it up from their kitchen. But if not, don’t worry–they’ll ship their frozen goodness right to your doorstep. Buh-bye jars. –Kristen

Congrats to winner Colleen M! 

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