I fully admit to gawking in disbelief at my friend who had bought a $700 stroller. I mean, unless the stroller self-propels itself down the street AND gives you a foot massage when you arrive at your destination, I just didn’t see the need for it.

But then I encountered Mutsy, a smart and sophisticated Dutch company that has been making strollers since 1937, and (forgive me, friend!) I’m now totally sold on the expensive stroller concept–provided it’s as fantastic as this one.

Mutsy’s 4 Rider Light is basically four strollers in one — use it as a baby bassinet or with your own infant car seat (with adapter) for your little one, and then switch to a rear or front-facing five-point harness seat for your older baby. It’s incredibly thoughtful in its design – it takes me all of two seconds to pop out the front wheels, giving me tons of extra room in my already crowded trunk. And as a tall person, I’m in love with the adjustable handle bar.

Best of all, the smooth ride it provides on almost any terrain is bound to lull your baby to sleep. At least, that’s what I recommend telling your family when you put a Mutsy on your registry. -Kristen


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