I think we can all agree that parents do not need another reason (teething, teething, teething) for our babies to wake up in the middle of the night. (Did I say teething?) With the right baby bag, like this incredible find from the Canadian designers, 3 Sprouts, you can certainly cross "too cold" off the list.

The bag is a wonderful combo of poly fleece and cotton that will keep even your most mobile baby warm and safe on those cold nights without the worry of using a blanket. Having seen it in person – holy cow is this thing plush and soft and just beautifully made in pink, navy, or one of the cream designs coming out soon.

If only style had any influence on how long a baby actually slept in it, the 3 Sprouts crew would be kazillionaires . -Kristen

Purchase 3 Sprouts at Giggle

Congratulations to winner Paige W!


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