We are considering starting a category in the CMP archives called "If You’re Freaked Out By Germs…" There are seemingly more high chair and shopping cart covers out there than people actually using them. Perhaps because most of them are so ugly, you’d rather take your chance with staph?

But that could change after I introduce you to Just Peachy Baby.

This mom-run, very eco-responsible shop offers just beautifully crafted covers in all-cotton prints that look so good, you’ll actually be excited to pull them out of their matching little bags in public. They also include some kind of super, double-secret patent-pending bacteria-resistant but chemical-free padding. Seriously, it sounds like the CIA should be all over it.

If you’re not sold yet, just check the site for all kinds of disturbing links and info on germs and kids that I can’t entirely bring myself to read. Then order yours, pronto. After you wipe down your computer keyboard with lye. –Liz

Enter code CoolMoms at checkout for 10% off your order plus free priority shipping through 1/31/08. And no tax in 49 states. Sorry California.

Congratulations to winner Katie F!


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