Of all the unspeakables that go along with pregnancy, can we agree that hemorrhoids take the cake? Chances are if you pushed out a baby, you’ve got a few of your very own, um, badges of honor.

Thanks to parent-owned  Least Likely 2 Breed (who CMP readers might remember for their awesome Bad Ass Butt Balm and other irreverently titled mama lifesavers) we shall no longer be contributing to the retirement funds of Preparation H executives. Their brand new Roid Rage is easily the classiest and flashiest ‘roid remedy out there, all sealed up in a crystal-accented tin.

There’s even a limited edition “Push Present” packaging, which features a gorgeous velvet box and ribbon for those extra-proud of their battle scars.

But more importantly, there’s no weird applicator, stinky smell, or chemicals. Just plain old natural goodness. For your butt. And it works. But that’s all I’m going to say about that. –Kristen


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