I honestly didn’t understand the appeal of stick horses until I set my two year-old loose on a toy store display filled with them. My God, you would have thought they were real ponies the way her face lit up as she mounted one and took off down an aisle towards the train sets. If the horse heads hadn’t been made of some kind of ugly molded plastic, I’d have bought one then and there.

Needless to say, my horse-loving lass will be on the moon next month when she opens up her handmade stick horse from CMP favorite shop, Green Little Beans. I love that every one incorporates a different combination of soft cotton fabrics and that the stick itself gets the eco-police thumbs up. It’s even a great nursery decor gift for babies not yet old enough to cantor around the living room.

The only drawback is that it’s going to be a bitch to gift wrap. Good thing toddlers don’t really care about your Scotch tape skills on Christmas. –Liz

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