I admit I’m cynical about a lot of things, but Santa, for some reason, is not one of them. I am already having the best time telling my 2 year-old about how this guy sneaks into the house while she’s sleeping and eats the cookies that she’s just made.

(Come to think of it, no wonder she’s a little freaked out by the concept.)

By next year she’ll be old enough for the very cute Santa’s Little Helper Kit from Red Stamp. It’s includes, among other things, a wish list notepad, a pre-addressed letter to Santa, a cookie recipe, reindeer food, and most importantly, thank you notes. Just to make sure the big guy comes back around next year.

Now all you have to do is cross-reference your kids’ wish list with the CSPC website. Fun! –Liz

15% off your order with code HOLLYCMP07 through 12/15


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