If you have one long car ride to the in-laws planned this holiday season, or even one trip to the mall where you’re likely to get stuck in 16 hours of traffic just to get out of the parking lot, you might want to consider updating your savage kid-soothing music selection. Pronto.

If you’re looking for a little guidance, we’re pleased to inform you that the results of the 2nd annual Fids & Kamily music poll are hot off the virtual presses.

Voted on by a long list of kids music connoisseurs, DJs and artists, you’ll find the top twenty kids albums of the year, and not a Wiggles or Elmo sings… among them. In fact, we’re pleased to see a slew of CMP picks made the cut including The Jimmiesthe Terrible Twos, Renee & Jeremy, and Uncle Rock.

Click over to hip family-friendly music shop The Pokey Pup to check out samples, then start filling your cart. And staying sane. –Liz