Next week, as you tirelessly slave over a hot turkey and your eighteen meticulously prepared and garnished side dishes (What? You don’t do that? Really?) I can only hope that you are looking as lovely and fresh as can be.

This of course is nearly impossible.

So instead, I’d happily settle for a flattering handmade apron from Domestic Darlings. And really – they are flattering. The two moms, best friends and neighbors behind the shop created surprisingly slimming aprons out of light and medium weight modern cotton fabrics. So even if you do end up nibbling while you cook, you won’t look it. There are also kid-sized aprons to match, albeit with less figure-conscious shapes and more essential coverage. 

Okay so I admit that my mom still makes the whole Thanksgiving dinner. Doesn’t mean I can’t still strut around the kitchen in an apron looking cute, right? –Liz

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Congratulations to winner Jessica P!


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