After my daughter’s first bath irritated her skin from head to toe, I have been on the lookout for great baby bath products that are made from ingredients I feel I can trust. And pronounce. You know, more honey and oatmeal, less DMDM Hydantoin.

Am I glad to have found the line of baby care products from Earthwise Beauty. Not only are these products are all natural, biodegradable, and organic, they are also lovingly produced, artfully crafted and beautifully packaged using earth-friendly, recyclable materials. After trying the talc-free, Very Special Baby Powder I can tell you that it fully lives up to its name. (Silky!) And the Orange Baby Bath Treatment took care of my dry skin too. 

I especially like that the (very) light scents comes from little more than almond and chamomile oils. Because really, do babies ever need to smell like much besides babies? –Tina


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