Whoever (or maybe that’s just my mother-in-law) said you need batteries and talking toys to get kids interested in learning has obviously never seen How Many, Ron Van der Meer’s new pop-up art book that will have any kid over five enraptured.
Van der Meer, a bona fide paper engineer, takes pop-up books to the next level by creating a series of interconnecting and intertwining Frank Ghery meets Willy Wonka 3-D figures. They’re not only visually stimulating but great for the noggin–each page asks different "how many" questions, but with an seemingly infinite number of stars or cubes or circles, there’s no real right answers.

This book is more about expanding your child’s mind and encouraging him to see things from a different perspective than scoring an A+.

Sorry competitive moms. And sorry to my mother-in-law.  -Kristen


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