I have never understood what people need with a "Baby’s First Christmas" onesie spelled out in red and green bling anyway. Do you think that without it, the parents will look back at photos of their five month old surrounded by gift wrap and say, "Hm, I wonder whether that was his first Christmas or not…"

A delightful alternative (if I do say so myself) is the soft organic Harvest Moon Onesie from CMP fave, Chocolate Cake Club. The hand appliquéd, textured pine tree against the backdrop of a big red moon is so subtle you can get use out of it long after your own tree is left out at the curb for mulching. Plus you won’t look back at your Christmas pics in 2017 and say "Oh man, what were we thinking?"

Nor will your kid. That’s key. –Liz

Use code COOL407 through 12/25 for 15% off at Chocolate Cake Club

Happy Black Friday, cool parents…we glad to see you’re shopping online and not in the crazy, crazy stores today. For more great holiday ideas to keep you home, warm and sane, check the 2007 Cool Mom Picks Holiday Gift Guide

Congratulations to winner Susan A!


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