I’ve always been more of an artisan-made, crafty ornament type. I know, you’re not surprised, but shiny balls that come in the 30-pack from CVS are not really my style. I’d rather have fewer ornaments, each one special and beautiful.

So when I came across the lovely porcelain snowflake ornaments from ceramicist Shoshona Snow, I knew the "add to my cart" click was imminent. With a vague mid-century feel to each of the four designs, they’re fired, painted (all non-toxic), and handcut from thin porcelain. 

While they’re not super delicate, I’d still keep this one towards the top of the tree, away from grabby little hands and curious pets. Save the bottom branches for those mass produced shiny balls. Or, um, handmade ornaments made from felted wool. -Liz